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History of the company “Auto Holiday Albania” LTD

The beginnings as a small activity,  Auto Holiday Albania LTD has in Taxi Service and grants of rental vehicles  since in 2007, with location mainly at the Tirana International Airport “Mother Teresa”.

Seeing that this activity had high demands and it was more prospective in the future, the head of this company established in 2007 the company “Auto Holiday Albania” LTD, making large investments in capital, assets and property that would serve different business sectors.

Auto Holiday Albania LTD was established as a company on 10/01/2017 with headquarters in Airport Str., Kruja and with taxable identification number L73711202N, licensed for import-export, trade of vehicles and spare parts for them, vehicle repair, rental cars, passenger transport by taxi, etc.

The main activity of the company is rental cars and taxi service.


Auto Holiday Albania has other activities such as: vehicle service, spare parts for them, car-washes, car painting, mainly they are used to serve the various activities of the company.

Years of experience in taxi service:

Having a rich fleet with a record seniority of all vehicles with the renewal of the vehicles every year the addition of 50 vehicles with 0 kilometers, it made that the company to increase the maximum quality in the passenger transport service at the taxi service. This service has been starting for 3 years.

Auto Holiday Albania Ltd has a cooperation contract which represents in Albania the taxi service of all levels both two international companies as: the German company German transfer and the Dutch company TAKSI-tender. This has brought the company’s exposure to the online market and building a rich clientele of all economic and political levels.

The number of customers that have benefited from the taxi service since at the begining of this service has been 2000 people in the recent year.

From this service, have benefited the representatives of Parliament, the Government, the representative of international organizations and foreign embassies in our country. For example in March 2019, Auto Holiday Albania offered VIP taxi services with luxurious categories for one of the largest organizations in the world, NATO on their arrival for celebrations of the 10th anniversary of Albania’s entry into NATO.

The quantity of vehicles that are used for taxi service has been 280 cars. From these 115 are registered in the National Business Center (NBC), while 165 are “Leasing” contract.

Range of vehicles varies as follows:

  • SUV- 22 pc
  • Fiat Tipo large category- 100 pc
  • Small- 70
  • Limousine – 15 pc
  • Minivan – 7 pc
  • Van – 4 pc
  • Medium – 50 pc
  • Various -12 pc

The entire fleet of the company has been available for use at the taxi service according to customer requirements. On average, the number of cars in this service was 20 permanently.

The taxi service has been effective since in 2017.